Vietnamese food: 25 must


Bun cha or Bun phụ vương Hanoi is known as Kebab rice noodles in English. The dish is thought khổng lồ have an origin in Northern Vietnam và can be considered one of the specialties of Hanoi cuisine. This authentic dish gets even more popular when President Obama và Chef Anthony Bourdain sit down at a Bun thân phụ store on their business trip khổng lồ Vietnam.

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What is Bun Cha

Bun cha is the harmony of three main components: the fatty grilled pork, the rice vermicelli & the highlight of the dish - the sweet-sour broth.

There are two types of pork in Bun cha: slices of grilled pork (Cha mieng) or minced grilled pork (Cha vien). Both types of meat are marinated in salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, minced onion, vegetable oil or grease before being grilled on the charcoal fire. When ordering, you can choose one of them or order both depending on your preference.

The rice vermicelli (pronounced as Bun in Vietnamese) is different from the rice noodles in Pho although they are both made mostly from rice flour because rice vermicelli is much thinner and stickier. In fact, the rice noodles in Bun phụ vương and the rice noodles of Bun thit nuong (noodles with grilled pork) are exactly the same.

Dipping sauce - this wonderful liquid is made of fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, and water, added some crunchy carrot and green papaya. In spite of its simple ingredients, its taste is incredibly delicious & authentic when you combine them together.

Besides the main components, Bun thân phụ would be incomplete without a basket of many fresh herbs including bầu basil, cilantro, balm-mint, coriander, lettuce, sawtooth leaf, heartleaf, & grated morning glory. You probably can see other familiar things on the table according khổng lồ Vietnamese style, which is a little of sliced red chilies, đen pepper, red chili sauce, và pickled garlic. These things are here for you to lớn adjust the flavor of the dish individually. For example, some people might want to địa chỉ cửa hàng a bit of heat by adding red chili or pickled garlic, which is believed lớn leverage the flavor.

Moreover, you can try Vietnamese crab spring roll and super crunchy shrimp crackers because they are usually served at Bun phụ vương restaurant. This spring roll is made from wood ear mushrooms, pork, crab, và other seasoning ingredients & often wrapped in a square shape. Similar khổng lồ Bun cha, spring rolls are eaten with vermicelli noodles and herbs. The shrimp cracker is the combination of fresh shrimp, sweet potatoes, & rice flour.


The delicious crab roll is served at Bun thân phụ Ho Guom on Vo Van chảy Street


The crunchy shrimp potato crackers

How to lớn Make Bun cha

Rice vermicelli is usually bought at the market or supermarket. It has khổng lồ be freshly made to make the dish look appealing. About the main star, because there are two types of grilled pork, two parts of pork meat are used, which are the belly & shoulder. The belly is cut into thin slices while the shoulder is ground into a smooth paste. They are both marinated in oyster sauce, sugar, fish sauce, lemongrass (optional), chopped shallot, minced garlic, red chili, đen pepper, broth mix, và liquid caramel. When the meat is marinated well, it is grilled on charcoal fire until it turns into golden brown color.

The special broth is a combination of savory fish sauce, sour green papaya & vinegar, sweetness from sugar & vegetables, and crunchy texture of green papaya và carrot. The green papaya and carrot are peeled, washed, cut into thin slices, then soaked in cold water lớn create brittle texture, và finally put in a mixture of fish sauce, lemon, sugar, vinegar, và chili.

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Where lớn Eat Bun thân phụ in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Thanks khổng lồ its delicious flavor, Bun phụ vương has made its long way lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh City. The recipe in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị might be a little different from Bun thân phụ in Hanoi since the taste of Vietnam food change from North to lớn South, & the chefs may need lớn adjust the recipe khổng lồ meet the need of the locals. In fact, Bun phụ vương Hanoi in Ho bỏ ra Minh city could be sweeter, and its price could also be higher. However, a few restaurants offer two choices for two cooking styles, và you can make your own decision.

Bun cha is serving in both restaurants or local food stalls on the pavement, therefore, you can easily bump into one while getting around. However, below is three selected restaurants that would offer you a perfect taste of Bun thân phụ in Ho chi Minh City.

Bun phụ thân Ho Guom

Address: this restaurant has three branches, located in:135 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 36 Tran Phu, Ward 4, District 526 Lu Gia, Ward 15, District 11Opening hours: 7 AM - 9 PMPrice: VND 47,000

We come to the restaurant on Vo Van tan Street, which is the largest one. They also have a big red label outside of the restaurant. Therefore, you can spot it easily.

The chain restaurant is very popular among Vietnamese và always crowded with many people almost all day long regardless that Bun phụ vương is commonly thought to lớn be a lunch dish. Coming here, you can experience the bustle and hustle, iconic Vietnamese style while trying Bun cha.


The restaurant on Vo Van tan Street is filled with many people

Moreover, it is noticeable that the price at these restaurants is more reasonable in comparison to the other two restaurants in this list, but the flavor is still great.

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Bun chaserved at Bun phụ vương Ho Guom on Vo Van rã Street

The thiết kế of these restaurants is not too fancy but you can see the cooking station. Overall, it is very clean và bright.


The restaurant has an mở cửa kitchen, so you can see how bun cha is prepared before serving

Sitting near the open kitchen, you would be amazed by the appetizing smoke from the grilled pork, laced with lemongrass, blended with the smell of spicy garlic sauce.

Quan Nem Restaurant

Address: 15E Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1Opening hours: 10 AM - 10 PM. This place is very crowded, especially at noon, so ideally, you should reserve your seat before coming here.Price: VND 60,000 (credit thẻ is accepted)How to lớn get there: this store is situated on a one-way street - Nguyen Thi minh khai Street, so while riding a motorbike, ride a little slower và keep your eye on the right side of the street, then you will find a cozy dark brown restaurant crowded with many people.

This restaurant first opened in Hanoi in 2003. It now has two more branches, one in Hanoi and one in Ho chi Minh City.

The inside of this store is clean & brings a cozy feeling with the dark brown màu sắc of wood furniture and yellow lights. Quan liêu Nem has two spacious floors and air-conditioners, which is a great option for lunch in Ho chi Minh city weather. There are not many tables & chairs so you can easily make your way to your tables or move around. The staffs here dress in green uniforms and are very quick and polite.


The cozy interior thiết kế of quan liêu Nem on Nguyen Thi minh khai Street

This place serves two type of dipping sauce. So when ordering Bun cha here, the staff will ask you what kind of dipping sauce you want lớn try: the Northern style, which is lighter but still flavorful, or the Southern style, which is sweeter.


We randomly choose the dipping sauce in Southern style, which is rich with sweet & a sour taste

The porks here are grilled after ordering; therefore, you need lớn wait for 20 minutes before eating. But your time would not be wasted because the porks here will come out hot, & are carefully grilled, so they have a delicious crunchy texture but not burnt.

Moreover, this restaurant boasts of its spring roll, which was voted by CNN in 2012, và its homemade cold sweet tofu, which is served as a dessert. There are also many types of drinks available on the menu such as Coke, ice tea, hot tea, beer, soda, Sprite or water.

Bun phụ vương Hoa Dong

Address: 121 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1Opening hours: 6 AM - 9 PMPrice: VND 75,000How to get there: this restaurant is located on the corner of Ly Tu Trong and Thu Khoa Huan Street, very near Ben Thanh Market, which makes it very easy to be recognized & approachable by many Vietnamese & travelers. You can go straight from the North gate of Ben Thanh Market until reaching the first conjunction, the store is on your left.

The thực đơn of this restaurant has many types of signature Vietnam noodle dishes such as crab tapioca noodles, duck or chicken vermicelli soup with bamboo sprouts, & Bun rieu (crab paste noodle soup), but Bun phụ thân is one of the iconic dishes of the restaurant.


The thực đơn is put up on the wall

The pork definitely differentiates this place from others. The meat here is grilled in bamboo sticks and served right after they were cooked. Additionally, Bun phụ thân Hoa Dong is served with a small dish of fresh bean sprouts.


The grilled pork at Bun cha Hoa Dong


Bun cha is served at Hoa Dong Restaurant


Where bun phụ thân is prepared before serving at Bun thân phụ Hoa Dong

This restaurant has been established for a very long time. Thus, it is designed in an old-fashion way, reminding us of the vintage Saigon in the 1970s.

Summary of Bun cha - Hanoi"s Classic in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Bun phụ vương is a quintessence of Vietnam cuisine cause you could have a sophisticated combination of taste và texture of the vermicelli, grilled pork, and herbs, all in one dish. The secret of Bun phụ vương probably is the simplicity of the ingredients và the skillfulness of the chefs, which has sublimated the street-side dish into a masterpiece of Vietnamese.

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